Kohi-Koji Cafe at Emporium Shokuhin


Located in the center of all the Japanese restaurants at Emporium Shokuhin in Marina Square is Kohi-Koji. It is a bakery and cafe that specializes in handcrafted coffee as well as Japanese style pastries.


It has a rather spacious dining area that you can bring food from the supermarket and dine here. The design of the entire cafe seems be rather simplistic and gives you a comfy vibe. The ample natural lighting and high ceiling also promotes a cheerful environment.


img_5621 Those of you who have dined at Japanese cafes or bakeries before know that they are rather cute looking cakes with light and fluffy buttercream and sponge layers, along with a variety of Italian and fresh pastries, such as croissants and baguettes. At Kohi-Koji, this is no different. The displays of fruit tarts, peach tarts, curry-pan, pizza, sausage rolls and the fridge cake display was enough to entice kids to wander towards Kohi-Koji without their parents consent.


  1. Garlic Sausage Roll $3.40

Tiara from https://www.instagram.com/tiara_star recommended me to try this humble looking garlic sausage roll. At first sight, I was taken aback at the price of this processed meat in a thin and stumpy looking bun. But upon, my first bite, I immediately knew this was no ordinary sausage. It was alot more flavourful and tender in each bite, it is also filled with flowing hot cheese. The staff would usually ask if you are dining in, or taking away. For dining in, the staff would heat up the bun and serve it to you warm. The bun itself was light and slightly sweet, just the way I liked it!

2. British Breakfast Tea $7


I am a fan of english breafast tea especially when it comes to cakes and pastries. I feel that it really brings out the aroma and fragrance of all the sweet treats. The tea here was strong and vivid in flavour. I refilled the pot once and the tea still tasted reasonably good and I didn’t need much sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth.

3. Chicken Mayo Sandwich $7.80


A simple looking chicken mayo sandwich which packs quite a lot in it’s thin and flaky croissant. The flavour of the chicken mayo could use a bit more salt, but the chicken chunks were consistent in texture. The smoothness of the mayonnaise made up for the lack of taste in the chicken. Not a bad meal option, even for someone such as myself who would think a sandwich wouldn’t be sufficient to fill my tummy. The generous chunks of chicken  were definitely enough for the hungry me!

4. Hokkaido Milk Roll $4.80 *highly recommended*


Not your typical swiss roll as you can see. The ratio of cream to sponge is 1:1. Talk about what is a real swiss roll. Japan prides itself with it’s freshest Hokkaido milk and pastry chefs in Japan have in turn proudly used it in their cakes. This swiss roll was so light and fluffy, it was just truly amazing. It didn’t fall apart easier but picking out a bite-size portion with your fork was effortless, probably 1 oz. of energy required there. You can tell that this cake was baked recently or at least the freshness of the cream said that much to me. I highly recommend you to try this swiss roll whenever you can at Kohi-Koji!


5. Vanilla Cream Puff $3.20


I love Japanese cream puffs at lot, ever since I tried Beard Papa almost 10 years ago. The vanilla cream here is evident but the numerous vanilla bean seeds you can spot embedded into the light and subtly sweet cream. The exterior of the puff was sweet and biscuit-like, think of polo-buns from HK. It was a great way to end my meal and I strongly recommend you to grab one of these to end off your meal at Kohi-Koji on a high and sweet note.


6. Fruit Danish $3.80


The elaborate play on textures in this bite sized pastry makes it so much more presentable. The danish pastry holds it shape even as you slice into with your butter knife. Kohi-Koji is very generous with the fruits snugly placed atop custard cream in the pastry. The fruits were fresh with a good combination of sweet and slightly sour varying tastes.

7. Baileys Walnut Cake $7.20


I spotted an interesting looking cake at the cake display and decided to get one of these to go and hopefully enjoy it for breakfast the next day. As you can see the upper chocolate layer had dried up a bit more giving it the “little cracks” . The hazelnuts were extremely crunchy with a slight caramel layer spread evenly over them. The cream was light, to offset the denseness of the chocolate layer, the inner banana cheese layer, again embedded with hazelnuts and at the bottom, a very chocolately sponge layer. The bottom layer reminded me more of a brownie rather than a chocolate cake. All in all, a great treat, even at $7.20, I would order this again!

8.Chocolate Hokkaido Milk $3


I simply adored this little hokkaido chocolate milk packaging. I decided to grab one right at the cashier and it tasted okay. It wasn’t as creamy or smooth as I had expected it to be. The chocolate tasted rather bitter rather than sweet, which was kind of interesting. Not a  bad drink to grab on the go.


Overall : Definitely go the hokkaido milk roll and the vanilla cream puff. Comfy and cosy dining area with friendly staff whom are willing to explain what’s in the pastries/cakes and will even ask for your feedback upon seeing you clear your plates.

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