Fika Swedish Cafe [Halal]

Fika Swedish Cafe has 3 outlets in Singapore. One at Beach Road, another at Millenia Walk and the first one that I visited, at One KM Mall at paya lebar. On my second visit, I went to Millenia Walk and a group of colleagues, comfortably sat down in a quiet corner of the rather spacious Fika Cafe.

The wait staff were very friendly and patient. Everytime, they came around to clear our plates. They would ask how did we find our food.

Don’t forget to check out their cake display on the left the cashier. I had recently seen on their instagram ( that they had mini princess cakes and I was also keen to try them during my first visit at One KM Mall. After the waiter came by to take our orders, I walked up to the cake display and picked 2 more cakes.

There’s an outdoor dining area if you would like at Millenia Walk.


The Fika Cafe at One KM mall has a more cottage like, cute fencing surrounding the swedish cafe. It’s got sweet little ornaments to remind you that you are waltzing into a sweidh cafe and not to mention the friendly staff that greet you at the entrance.


Here is their dessert, drinks and kids menu. Take note iced or warm water is charged at 50cents per cup, but it goes to a charity fund.


Looking at the mains, you will quickly spot the signature swedish meatballs, smoked salmon variants and skagen. Sandwiches, pasta, crepes or salad. Pick any. You won’t regret your decision!

  1. Swedish Meatballs $19.90++

These meatballs aren’t like the ones you have at Ikea. There’s alot more moist and subtle in flavour. The meat is tender and you can tell it’s alot fresher than those frozen ones at Ikea. The cream sauce itself was sharper in flavour and smoother, almost milk-like. The cream sauce, gives you the feeling that the meat ball pretty much melts in your mouth. The potatoes were also just as delicious. They were of the consistent texture and even as a low-carb eater, I polished the potatoes off this plate!

2. Smoked Salmon Crepe $19.90++

The smoked salmon crepe was a delightful surprise to me. The chef pretty much stuffed as much smoked salmon as they could into the crepe. There was so much smoked salmon in here, any smoked salmon fan would rejoice! The salmon wasn’t fishy in aroma or taste. There was a right amount of smokiness to the salmon and the eggy crepe’s subtle flavour helped offset the strong lingering taste of the salmon. The crepe was soft, moist and pillowy in texture.img_5470

You can also opt to get the smoked salmon served in a sandwich and boy oh boy! is that a mountain of smoked salmon or what?! My colleagues and I just gave a stunned look at each other, as the friendly waiter served this to us. We were excited to dig in and at the same time, pondered if we had space for the 2 cakes I had ordered. The taste and freshness of the smoked salmon here is exactly same as when I had it in the crepe. The only difference is that the salad is now mixed with the smoked salmon, giving it a slightly sweeter after taste. The toasted bread here tasted slightly different from the toast I had with the skagen (scroll down) The bread here was denser and not as crisp.  Overall, crepe or sandwich, I would prefer to get the smoked salmon served in a crepe, so that it is not so filling and I can enjoy more desserts later on!

3. Toast Skagen $21.90++ *Highly recommended*

Having worked in Sweden, my dad is a huge fan of Skagen, or the fresh water shrimps commonly found there. He was desperate to taste it again that he bought a frozen packet of these shrimps from IKEA but, it tasted nowhere as close to what he remembers. At Fika however, he was extremely pleased to see this and also confirmed that it tasted very close to his experiences in Stockholm. The shrimp themselves are extremely crunchy and you can taste Fika’s honesty in the freshness of the ingredients they have placed on your plate. The toasted bread itself was also fresh and crunchy. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I’ve had skagen in both the sandwich ($21.90++) as well as the crepe ($19.90++)


One thing you cannot dismiss is how vibrantly red the fish roe is, set atop of the skagen. I would definitely get the skagen again in either the sandwich or crepe, on my future visits to FIKA.

4. Lingonberry Cheesecake $7.90++ *Highly Recommended*

After all the amazing main courses, the desserts were also just as amazing. The servings of the cakes were just right for sharing between 2-3pax. The lingonberry cheesecake was dense, but not overly sweet. The graham cracker crust at the bottom, wasn’t too stiff for my fork to divide it. At the same time, the cheesecake texture was smooth and and melted in my mouth.

5. Princess Cake $7.90++


Another signature swedish dessert is the princess cake. Wrapped in pink fondant, is a lightly cream, followed by layers of light spongey cake. This wasn’t a top favourite amongst locals, according to a staff at One KM, and I can see why. Even amongst my colleagues, no one really appreciated the pink fondant. Yes it is pure sugar, but it’s so pretty! I did however enjoy the cream and the sponge cake layers.

6. Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Mousse Cake $6.90++


This is for all you chocoholic lovers out there. A chocolately cake emphasized with a hazelnut crunchy later embedded in the bottom part of the cake, to give you a different texture in every mouthful. The middle layer of the chocolate cake was pretty mild in terms of flavour, but it carried off a pleasantly sweet chocolate fragrance. In terms of flavour, it was smooth, a bit heavy, but not too heavy and gelat to the palate.


Overall : FIKA is a very honest establishment that definitely serves up some of the most honest ingredients to the customers with friendly staff. If you have never tried swedish cuisine before and you love smoked salmon, beef balls, cakes, or just looking for a new halal eatery to checkout, do give Fika a try!



257 Beach Road

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-02,Millenia Walk

11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #02-K3,OneKM


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