Nit & Grit [Media Invite]


Located in Hougang Green Mall is 3 month old Nit & Grit. Opened by two youthful and energetic Joy and Jillain. You will always see them at the shop happily greeting customers and introducing their newest and innovative drinks and waffles.

The concept of Nit & Grit is simple. Providing cafe worthy buttermilk waffles at affordable prices. Nit & Grit may be a takeaway eatery but there’s a bench on the side for you to sit down and enjoy your food and drinks and have an entertaining chat with the two ladies.


At one glance, you would notice that there’s both sweet and savoury waffle options. A waffle for every palate I might add. The waffle that really screams out to me is their hotdog waffle, because unlike the picture. The hotdog is actually embedded into the waffle batter!!!


  1. Buttermilk Hotdog Scrambled Eggs with Maple Syrup $3.50


Check this out! The sausages are basically cooked in the waffle iron, which gives the sausages a buttermilk aroma. img_5357

Atop the sausage embedded waffle is scrambled eggs which Jillian cooks on a non-stick pan. The scrambled eggs are no ordinary scrambled eggs. They are extremely smooth almost milky in texture. It definitely melts in your mouth. I was surprised at how good the eggs were.


2. Buttermilk Nutella Banana $2.50

The next waffle were tried was a sweet waffle, in contrast to the savoury waffle we had. This sweet waffle was a mix of nutella (my personal favourite) along with it’s best friend, banana. The buttermilk waffle tends to become crispier as time goes on, as the owner Joy explained to us. True enough, after an extensive period of photo taking, the waffle had a distinctive crunchy bite in every mouthful!

The nutella was intense and would certainly satisfy any hazelnut chocoholic out there. The sweetness of the banana was just right, and wasn’t too weak or too over powering for the nutella. I could certainly see myself grabbing one of these on the way home on a daily basis!

3. 3 Special Earl Grey $3.50


Before I even reached Nit & Grit, I did a little research on their instagram ( and noticed that they mentioned that that make their own pudding on a daily basis. I was curious to try their pudding and being an earl grey fan myself. This drink was a must order! The earl grey flavour was just right and the sweetness of the milk tea was perfect for me. I’m a gong cha/koi (25%-30%) sugar level person. The pudding had a subtle sweetness on it’s own, along with the chin chow jelly and the pearls. The tapioca pearls had the right consistency in chewy texture.

During my visit to Nit&Grit. I witnessed some other customers ordering this same drink which makes me confirm the right decision to order this “best seller”

Also, their drinks here at Nit & Grit don’t contain a lot of ice! The milk tea is pulled straight out of the fridge and poured into the cups. So for people like me who hate, having to dig up pearl bits hidden beneath humongous ice cubes. CELEBRATE!

4. Milo Rocher $4.90

At the entrance of Nit & Grit, there’s an ice cream display, with a few ice cream flavours. The ones that caught my eyes were chendol and hazelnut! Jillian and Joy suggested that we try one of their milkshakes. These innovative young ladies came with a Milo Dinosaur with a scoop of hazelnut ice cream.


The result of this drink? Pure chocolately goodness. The milo dinosaur was on-point with the right amount of excessive milo powder. The hazelnut rocher ice cream had a few bitey bits embedded in the ice cream, to give the drink some texture to drink up and chew.

On a warm, humid day, I would believe this drink would succeed in being a “life saver” to many. The ice cream itself was smooth, milky, creamy and the best part, the hazelnut rocher flavour was clearly defined in every sip of the drink. There were a few big ice bits that I kept sipping up the straw, on my first bite, I was expecting a chocolatey bit, but nope. Other than that, this drink was good!

img_5433Overall : An affordable place to grab CRISPY waffles to satisfy your sweet or savoury tooth along with refreshing drinks! Oh yeah, don’t leave without trying their lychee pearls. There’s absolutely surprisingly good!

Quote @cptslowyeo for a Combo at only $4*. Includes a Large Ice Blend (no toppings) and a Buttermilk Hotdog Cheese Waffle. Ends on 14 August 2016.


Address : 21 Hougang St 51 #01-38 Hougang G. Shopping Mall S538719

Closed on Tuesdays 

Business Hours : 

Weekdays: 11.30AM-9PM

Weekends: 10AM-9PM 

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