Saturday House 

Located along Upper paya lebar road with an eye catching shop sign “Saturday House” is this cafe that sells itself as a bar and cafe. It sells mostly western food in the form of hipster cafe food but also alcoholic drinks.
Their signature menu items include sirloin steak at $22.90+ or top up 4@ for $24.90++ you get the mix grill combo of grilled chicken, sirloin steak and bacon. Other signature menu itmes are leg of lamb, grilled pork collar and chicken leg in chef’s bbq sauce.

Their starters range from marmite mid-joint wings $8+ to bacon cheese mushrooms, cream cheese fries and oven baked cheese nachos.
You will notice that their shop entrance has no door, and the air con basically just goes out the main door. So it’s ridiculous at how hot it can be inside the cafe. At most cafes, you would expect air conditioning, and the air conditioning here is useless. My suggestion, get one of the tables closest to the wall, where the air con unit is mounted.

1. Fried Pork Collar $8+

The fried pork collar looked amazing even though it carried no aroma of fried meat. It tasted okay, more like a typical pork katsu you would find at a japanese stall just with less meat and very thin.

Fried Pork Collar It was an okay started but we quickly grew tired of it.

2. Mixed Grill Combo $24.90+

 The mixed grill combo looked amazing until I sliced into the steak, which you can definitely tell was very frozen, probably a long time ago. It tasted like cardboard. I know for this price, we cannot expect much but, it was probably one of the worst steak I’ve tried.

Mixed Grill Combo The chicken was way better than the steak. The bacon was probably the only thing I even consider having a second bite of. The coleslaw and wedges were sides that we got to pick and they were okay. My suggestion, skip this.

3. Marmite Mid Joint Wings $8+

These were surprisingly good. The wings were crispy and the marmite sauce was evenly distributed on the exterior of the wings. I really liked this and would most probably get this again if I ever returned.

Overall : this place tries too hard to be a cafe or a bar. There is free parking infront of it, which is nice. There’s not much to rave about the food, and the ambience is miserable, if only they could close the front door. Service was rather quick and the staff was polite.

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